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Spring 2001 cover

National Observer Home > No. 50 - Spring 2001 > Editorial Comment

Terrorism: the Heavy Price of Israel

The terrorist bombings in the United States on 11  September have highlighted American unpopularity in many Muslim countries. A continued exacerbation is caused by the apparently almost limitless support that the United States gives to Israel. The protection of Israel (under the pressure of the powerful American Jewish community) by the United States has gone far beyond what is appropriate (that is, the maintenance of Israel as a separate state) and has led to support for apparently brutal Israeli policies and a failure to prevent Israel from its aggressive extension of Jewish settlements.

It is important for the preservation of peace that the United States should restrain Israel and withhold its support unless Israel behaves with moderation and respect for those whom it has displaced. If the United States has not learned this lesson it will continue to incur unnecessary and very dangerous hostility.

National Observer No. 50 - Spring 2001