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For the Sovereignty of the People

by Nigel Greenwood

Brisbane: Ibis Editions Australien, 1999, pp. 389 and index.

Dr. Greenwood has provided an interesting discussion on forms of government, with particular emphasis upon the respective advantages and disadvantages of constitutional monarchies and republics. The author favours constitutional monarchies, on grounds that are set out carefully and persuasively. His book is cast as a series of essays or reflections, interspersed with comments in an imaginery conversation with Niccolo Machiavelli.

"For the Sovereignty of the People" is, despite its erudite purposes, very entertaining. Dr. Greenwood covers many issues, not only in regard to Australian constitutional law and history, but also in regard to political events in many other countries. The range of subjects that he touches is indeed so broad that few readers will finish his book without having acquired much useful information.

Sir James Killen's comment should be endorsed: "Nigel Greenwood's 'For the Sovereignty of the People' is an elegant stimulant to argument in a field of human concern that has been substantially bereft of serious reflection. The political practitioner and the lawyer alike can read it to advantage, and no concerned citizen should pass it by."

R.M. Pearce


National Observer No. 45 - Winter 2000